About us

About Owipex

Owipex GmbH is a limited liability company with headquarters in Bennau, Canton Schwyz and is active since 1991 in the areas of transport and storage technology.

Our core competencies are practice-oriented thinking with the help of most modern CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Innovative development and construction, speed in the project and order management as well as quality at attractive prices.

Our company philosophy

We are unique for our customers, because we concentrate completely on you and your problems and support you as best as we can with our experience spanning many years.
As long-time, experienced specialist in the areas of transport and storage technology, we guarantee you the suitable solution, quality and reliability!

We work according to the current state of the art with the appropriate programs of the CAD system and we work according to the regulations of the Product Safety Act (PrSG) as well as ISO certification requirements.


Edgar & Sonya Steinauer

Project planning / engineering
Team CAD Büro Owipex

Yasmin Steinauer

Jacqueline Riatsch-Steinauer