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When people commonly think of containers, they first think of mundane containers, commodities that are mainly used for disposal, onward transportation of goods , etc., but also as office containers and are needed for accommodation. But containers are not simple Container. This is an insight that is quickly gained by anyone who has a Insight into the extremely extensive range of skips and containers of Owipex GmbH in Bennau SZ. The main turnover of this company, with its huge standard program generated. This includes all-purpose dumpsters and containers of any size and type for daily use in industry, in the construction and construction and ancillary construction trades, in municipalities, in the army and in in the private sector. Many dumpsters and containers can also be rented be

Meaning of the company slogan:
Owipex – the best case. In any case the best container! Customized designs and real innovations Owipex has made a name for itself over the years, especially with the development and construction of special designs according to customer specifications . name and achieved a competitive edge. No matter, whether special dimensions and detail changes are required or an innovative prototype needs to be developed, Owipex has the corresponding potential of engineering power.

Environmental awareness in action – At Owipex, environmental responsibility is a common thread running through the company. Much effort is invested in the development of stand-alone systems. The company’s strengths also include special products for water management, i.e. dewatering containers, water settling basins for the treatment of construction site wastewater, neutralization basins, catch basins.

Equally exemplary and future-oriented are the developed solar garage, an electricity charging station with electricity storage for electric cars, e-bikes, etc., as well as a self-sufficient design solar carport for vehicles.

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